Translucent Stone Panels Product from Pacific Bedrock
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Our expertise in natural stone includes
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No. 157 BiHuaLi Shan Wanke Cheng, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen PRC 518129
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GuangDong China.
Tel: (+86)-755-26471394 Fax:(+86)-755-26471274
Mobile: (+86)-13828807504
Phone number :(+86)-755-26471267
Los Angeles Tel-(818) 275-7975 
Please call between 5PM - 9PM Pacific standard time
Range of Products
  • Full line of architectural curved ornaments elements made of marble, granite, limestone or sandstone including niches, pilasters, columns, balustrades, double /single circular staircases, window sills, door & window moldings, molding with key stone, molding with corbel & key stone, base & crown moldings, crowns & bases, Quoins, wall caps, post caps, plaques & medallions.

  • Wide wonderful selection of marble, granite sandstone for interior and exterior application.

  • Specializing in cut to size project orders.

  • Superb choice of wide selection of engineered quartz stone for interior application.

  • Tailored made counters or bench tops. Prefab counters for the commercial field or do it yourselfers.

  • Full range includes large scale water jet inlays with factory preassembled project.

  • Lightweight marble stone panels for interior and exterior applications.

  • Specializing in large complex curved fireplaces.

  • Mosaic, we offer many lines to choose from. Custom mosaic work for projects.