Translucent Stone Panels Product from Pacific Bedrock
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Exclusive line of Translucent Agate

Agate is a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz, which contains trace minerals such as iron oxide, nickel, aluminum, and maganese. Agate contains bands of parallel, wavy, or concentric stone, often translucent or white asternating with earthy shades of brown, red, black, gray, and purple amethyst. Agate is often having brilliant shades of blue, purple, teal, and pink. Most of the Agate is from Brazil.

Pacific Bedrock is proud to present this magnificent material as a brilliant application for the construction industry utilizing Agate slices of 2-3mm compound with glass panel creating a whole new dimension of translucent agate gem stone panel. Translucent agate panel can be used for furniture, counters, floors, walls and ceiling beautifying and enhance your home, hospitality facilities or office.

Backlit Bellagio Agate Bellagio Agate Backlit Cornsilk Agate
Cornsilk Agate Backlit Giallo Sienna Agate Giallo Sienna Agate
Backlit Ivory Black Agate Ivory Black Agate Backlit Misty Rose Agate
Misty Rose Agate Backlit Navy Blue Agate Navy Blue Agate
Backlit Sea Green Agate Sea Green Agate Backlit Venitian Agate
Venitian Red Agate Backlit Lavender Blush Agate Lavender Blush Agate
Agate Blue with shell Agate Gialo Sienna with shell