Translucent Stone Panels Product from Pacific Bedrock
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Our expertise in natural stone includes
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Translucent Stone Panel
We provide high-quality translucent stone panels that consist of thin natural stone veneer permanently bonded to a glass substrate. These beautiful and ultra-durable laminated translucent panels are not only sturdy, but also gives new definition to homes. We manufacture these panels for different applications for authentic beauty and appeal. Today, architects, builder, interior designers and lighting designers recommend these panels for aesthetic beauty. It is fully featured and accentuates the place. In fact, these are good for both residential and commercial applications.
Our high-end translucent stone panels are highly stylish and are comparable to natural onyx and surprisingly affordable. We manufacture an exquisite range of stone panels that are tough and bring awesome beauty to the place.
Pacific Bedrock Industrial Co. Ltd. is an integrated building material provider specializes in architecture, metal material, finished commercial and residential stone and stone panels. As part of our stone solutions we have developed unmatched product that are not fragile stone panels and tiles, for commercial as well as residential projects. Our translucent stone panels are used for interior or exterior walls, floors, ceilings etc.